Work Permit

A work permit is a job visa that allows the foreign worker to stay and work in Singapore under the company and unless cancelled by the employer subsequenly, is normally valid for 2 years renewable for a further period of time upto a maximum of 15 years or upon the worker reaching the age of 60.

We assist in the documentation process for our clients who are employers in respect of obtaining work permits for their foreign workers.

How to avail of our services?

Give us a call at 65384855 and we will help you to assess your eligibility to apply for work permits.

All you need to do.

Send us your UEN and a copy of the foreign worker's passport, and details of his qualifications if any, information of his job scope or job title and the amount of monthly salary he will be receiving.

What do we do?

We will check for your available quota on your eligibility. If you can employ the foreigner, we will key in the application for work permit and monitor the approval. If your worker is a Malaysian, a temporary permit can be issued within the day enabling him to start work with you.

For non Malaysians, the original permit will be issued after 3 to 5 working days. He can only work if the work permit is approved.

In general, all workers must undergo a medical check at any local clinic and certified fit for work before we can submit the date for thumb printing.

We will make an appointment for the worker to be thumb printed if it is the first time he is working in Singapore, or that MOM requires him to retake a thumb print or photograph. When the work permit card is ready after the thumb printing, we will arrange to collect the work permit card for you.

A foreigner who wishes to work in Singapore must possess a valid work pass applied for him by the company that employs him, under the several work pass programs of the Ministry of Manpower.

The company intending to employ a foreigner under work permit must possess the required quota to employ the foreigner. This quota is in the form of a ratio of local citizens and permanent resident workers to the eligible number of foreigners that can be employed. This ratio is known as the quota or ceiling quota and in the case of work permit, prior availability of a quota is required before application for work permit can be submitted.


S Pass can be applied for workers with mid skills.

Candidates who do not qualify for Employment Pass can apply for SPass.

The eligibility for SPass may be in the form of skills or higher starting salary, a diploma or a degree.

The prospective employer must have the available quota for Spass in order to sucessfully submit an application for the approval of the MOM.


We can assist you to apply for an Employment Pass (EP) if you intend to employ a foreign professional staff. We can also help an entrepreneur who intends to invest and work in a company apply for an Employment Pass.

Except for an entrepreneur, an EP aspirant generally must possess recognised university degrees or other acceptable tertiary qualifications. However, those without these qualifications may be considered if they have proven records of exceptional skills and that the company he is going to work in is geniunely operating a business in Singapore.

The minimum pay of the candidate to qualify for EP is $3600 per month.

We can help an entreprenuer intending to invest in a company to apply for EP. However, the granting of an EP under this method will be subject to the prerogative of the MOM. Any enquiry from interested party is welcomed. Call us at (+65)65384855 during office hours on any working day, and we shall be glad to help you.

EP holders are eligible to bring in their immediate family members such as parents, spouse and children, if their salary falls within certain salary criteria placed by the MOM.

To assess one's eligibilty to have an employment pass, MOM has provided a site for self appraisal for eligibility to get the pass.

Companies that wish to employ candidates for EP should not already have 20 or more citizen workers, otherwise they are required to advertise for 2 weeks in the job bank looking to recruit local staffs but was then unsuccessful. Only after failing to recruit locals can an application for EP be submitted.


We offer our service to the employer to apply for your Letter of Consent if you wish to work and have following:


If your spouse is an Employment Pass or a SPass holder, we can assist you to apply for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) via MOM.

For an application for LTVP if the spouse is a Singaporean or a PR, or if an unmarried child below 21 years of age with one parent who is Singaporean or a PR, the application for LTVP has to be made with the ICA.

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