Visiting Singapore with Entry Visa

We can assist you as your local contact if you are considering to visit Singapore and that you require an Entry Visa for 30 days. One extension of another 30 days stay can be requested provided you have not applied for and obtained an extension on the current trip.

Your visa application will be submitted online and on approval we will despatch the visa via email or post on our website for downloading.

Normally it takes one to three working days to obtain the visa. However, you are advised to apply for an entry visa one to two weeks prior to date you wish to arrive in Singapore.

A visa to enter Singapore is granted at the discretion of the Immigaration and Checkpoint Authority.

Applying for Permanent Residency

Applying for PR is a complicated process and unless you have the experience doing it for anyone in the family, you may be at a loss to know how to proceed.

There are stringent criterions on which a decision is made to grant PR to applicants and you may not know whether you are eligible or not for it. While one may be eligible but one cannot succeed if the application has not been filed properly or pertinent information were not given which was needed.

At Yokeoi Services we assist you in familiarising with the process and help you to understand how to apply with a good chance of success.

We vet your documents to see if you a good chance of success. It is only the filing of a proper application that you have a good chance to succeed.

There are many who after being rejected several times on their own got their PRs after our proper guidance. Those of the many persons who have succeeded could testify that following serveral rejections we have provided a good service to help them finally succeeded.