Writing an appeal against rejection.

Sometimes when we apply for something with a governemt department or a statutory board, we could get rejected for reasons unknown to us. It could be due to the fact that when presenting information, we missed out pertinent information required or that they, the officers were actually looking for something else and that was not given. Or when attachements were required we did not supply the relevant ones in the application or probably that some facts should be given but were left out. There are always a host of reasons that could result in a rejection to obtain something, for example, permits and licences.

Our consultations can help explore and narrow down the reasons for your failure to obtain approval and to help guide you make an appeal in writing to the relevant department stating new facts.

In most cases, the authority will listen to you if your presentation is convincing, unless it was expressly stated that no appeal would be allowed, in which case you should give up hope on getting the approval and move on.

Examples of cases are rejection of work permit, employment pass, entry visa to Singapore or even the application for Permanent Residence (PR).

Every case is unique but we try our best to understand your particular circumstances and provide our assistance if necessary.

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